Friday, July 3, 2015

GRAIP 2015: Day 4

For my first post on this year's Genealogical Research Institute of Pittsburgh (GRIP), go here.

Erie Canal Signage, Buffalo, NY

Another full day at GRIP began with "The Records of Institutions and Local Governments" by Karen Mauer Jones.  This discussed the multitude of record sources available outside of the state, which included many things I never thought to look at, such as Supervisors' Minutes.

Jane E. Wilcox then presented "Up the North River: An Overview of Pre-1800 Hudson Valley Ethnic Groups and Religions."  This was a general history of the area which was tremendously diverse for the time period.

Third, we heard "Turnpikes, Canals, & Railroad" by Karen.  This was one of the classes I most looking forward to and it didn't disappoint.  I learned about the records for the Erie Canal at the state archives that I need to go through looking for my ancestors who worked on the Canal in Buffalo.  I also have other places to look for railroad records, as I had many ancestors who worked for that.

Lastly, Michael Hait spoke on "Estate Administration in New York: Laws and Records." This was an interesting overview of probate and other estate records in the state.  He recommends New York state probate records : a genealogist's guide to testate and intestate records by Gordon Lewis Remington.

Our evening lecture was changed to "Rogues, Rascals & Rapscallions: The Family Black Sheep" by Judy Russell due to illness of the originally scheduled speaker.  All I can say is that if you get the chance, see this lecture.  Thank you Anna May/Elizabeth Ann Sanderson for being the black sheep that got me into this hobby.

It's hard to believe we only have a few hours left of this year's GRIP!

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