Saturday, January 30, 2016

FINALLY Get Organized Challenge: January 2016

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Part of my 2016 theme of connect is to connect to my ancestors be spending more time on my genealogy.  Over the past couple years I have been mainly re-inputting my information and sources into Legacy, making sure they're organized in binders, and organizing everything better in OneNote.  Dear Myrtle's FINALLY Get Organized! challenge is a great resource for this.  
  • Week 1: January 3-9:  This one was pretty easy.  I don't have a desk, I have all the supplies I need, I have Amazon Prime, and I tend to be the computer help.  I did create a "Genealogy Challenges" page in OneNote, so I'm now all set there.
  • Week 2: January 10-16: This week started off pretty easily, too.  My Legacy files are in Dropbox and they, along with every other file on my computer is backed up through SugarSync.  I've been using Legacy for many years now and love it, so I will keep it.
    • Then came the harder part.  First I created a binder for my maiden name, Acquard.  Then I started going through my papers and adding everything to Legacy and OneNote.  I don't tend to research my maiden name as I have a great aunt who does, so I didn't have as much for this as I would like.  
    • Once I got this taken care of, I printed out my 4 family group sheets, for my dad, my grandfather, Theodore, his father, Florian, and his father, Joseph.
    • Lastly, I need to "scan and file photos and documents relating to each of these four generations in your maiden name binder."  This is a work in progress.  All of these items are in acid-free page protectors.
  • Week 3: January 17-24: Step 1 is transcribing all of the documents from last week, and this is also a work in progress, but mostly done. 
  • Week 4: January 25-31: I already had everything done for this week, so I'm using my time to keep working through the previous 2 weeks.  
    • Myrtle recommends volunteering for FamilySearch indexing, which is something I already do and recommend to others in my introduction to genealogy class.  I also use FamilySearch regularly and know how to browse the collections and use the image-only collections.  I already have a binder for my mother's maiden name, Casell, and my sister's information is already in my program and in my binder.
I'm really enjoying this challenge so far and am looking forward to February.

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