Friday, September 29, 2017

52 Ancestors: Angela Rosa Palmiero

Amy Johnson Crow at No Story Too Small began the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks Challenge in 2014.  I am playing along this year.  I will be following my mom’s pedigree chart to start.  In addition to writing these posts, I will be making sure everything I have on the specific individual is in both OneNote and Legacy, do any basic research needed for missing documents, and start research plans as needed.

Today is the first of my mom’s 16 great-great grandmothers.

Me > My Mom > Robert Casell > Alfred Casell > Marcantonio Casillo > Angela Rosa Palmiero

I do not have a photo of Angela.  If you do, please let me know.

Angela was born around 1845, most likely in Italy, to Rafael Palmeiro and Maria Giuseppa Izio.  She married to Pietro Casillo in the early to mid-1860s.  They had at least 3 children, Giuseppe Maria Vittorio, Maria Domenica, and Marcantonio Maria.  As a family they lived in Roccaromana, Caserta, Campania, Italy, which is also where she died in October 1906.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Wanderlust Wednesday: Hurricane Katrina Memorial (New Orleans)

This past weekend my husband and I went with some friends to New Orleans.  For us, it was an early anniversary trip to visit a city my husband had not been before.  The food and music was amazing, but one of my favorite parts was taking the Dead of Night Ghosts & Graveyards Bus Tour from Haunted History Tours.  I'm not sure 9:30pm counts as the "Dead of Night," especially in New Orleans, but it was dark and a good time to go look for ghosts.

We didn't happen upon any ghosts so far as I could tell, but we did see some interesting cemeteries and other aspects of NOLA that we wouldn't have otherwise.  The tour ended with a stop at the Hurricane Katrina Memorial.  I have to admit to not knowing about this memorial, as, I think, most people sadly do not.  Designed to look like a hurricane from above so that those flying in and out of New Orleans will always remember the tragedy.

Photo by Kelly Fannin
Located at the site of the Charity Hospital Cemetery, a pauper's field, the memorial has the graves of over 80 unclaimed Katrina victims whose names are unknown.  It is possible that many, maybe even most, of these people were homeless, but even homeless people belong to someone.  If you or someone you know is missing a friend or family member who may have been in New Orleans during Katrina, please contact the New Orlean's Coroner Office which has information on each person. 

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