Friday, February 14, 2020

Back to Basics: Week 8

For 2020, I'm getting back to basics for genealogy so that I can focus on my goals of being a BCG certified genealogist and be a genealogist for a living. I'll update where I am (most) Fridays.

ProGen Feedback Assignment
Dissecting Civil War Pension Records: Conferedate & Union by Jill Morelli webinar
Maximizing Time to Write More by Darcie Posz webinar through the APG Writers SIG

A bunch on Aaron's family for the CNYGS program I am doing.

Continued the Eichhorn family in Legacy/OneNote/paper binders

Set up meeting for my committee for WYNGS

Working on census program for CNYGS presentation. Changed the family I was using around 1880
Worked on Genealogy at OCPL presentation for a local library
Presented Writing Your Research Report as You Research presentation for work genealogy group

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