Thursday, April 30, 2020

Back to Basics - April 2020

Well this month has gotten much better. I completed my ProGen assignment, which was not quite where I wanted it, but again, intense focus isn't working so well right now. Did comments for both March & April - my group is amazing. It's fascinating to see how we all set things up differently and gave me some great ideas for updates. Also did April chat for March work.

I've been organizing my items into binders and into Legacy and OneNote. It's going well. I even did a little research on some of my lines, especially the German records on Ancestry for the Finks. Should be done with my maternal grandmother's line soon, then will move to maternal grandfather's. Then need to drop off at my gramma's to give her something to read during isolation (contactless drop-off with plenty of time of my not touching before I hand it over.)

I've watched most of the sessions on the Massachusetts Genealogical Society Seminar and won a free entry for a day next year! I'm also in progress on the Applying to Lineage Societies Online Conference from NEHGC.

I've attended a bunch of other webinars plus NEAPG & Certification Discussion Group meetings.

Best of all, I've been working with another librarian and offering Friday genealogy classes via Zoom. It has been great to talk with others about their genealogy and having this research to do each week.

May is likely more of the same, so here we go...

Back to Basic: July

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