I am searching the following surnames.  If you are searching these as well or need further information, please contact me!

  • Alwood: England>Burlington, Ontario, Canada

  • Bond: Knockholt, Kent, England

  • Casillo/Casell: Roccoromana, Caserta, Italy>Buffalo, Erie, New York, USA

  • Eichhorn/Eichorn/Thorn/Eichhan: Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt, Germany>Chippewa, Ontario, Canada>Niagara Falls, Niagara, NY>Buffalo, Erie, New York, USA

  • Fink/Finck: Bretton, Badon-Württemburg, Germany>Buffalo, Erie, New York, USA

  • Fleeman: Hesse, Germany>Buffalo, Erie, New York, USA

  • Gress/Gresz: Baden, Germany>Eden, Erie, New York, USA>Buffalo, Erie, New York, USA

  • Griss: France>Buffalo, Erie, New York, USA

  • Hayman: Halstead, Kent, England

  • Izio: Roccoromana, Caserta, Italy

  • Izzo: Caserta, Italy>Buffalo, Erie, New York, USA

  • Palmiero: Roccoromana, Ceserta, Italy

  • Passel/Possehl: Mecklinburg, Germany>Buffalo, Erie, New York, USA

  • Sanderson: England>Burlington, Ontario, Canada

  • Strassheim: Eberstardt, Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany

  • Tross: Eberstardt, Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany>Buffalo, Erie, New York, USA

  • Whitehead: Halstead, Kent, England>Barton, Ontario, Canada>Buffalo, Erie, New York, USA

  • Weiss/Wise: Hohenstaufen, Wurttemburg Kingdom, Germany>Chippewa, Ontario, Canada

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  1. My wife is related to Jacob Strassheim (b.1801 in Eberstadt), Jacob emmigrated to England with his sons Peter & Adam.
    Jacob b.1801 - Peter b.1834 - Edward b.1876 - George E b.1901 - John George b.1928 - Helen Strasshine b 1953
    George changed the name to Strasshine.


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