Sunday, November 4, 2018

Census Sunday: Judd & Emma Earl 1875

I have recently been researching my husband's father's family. My husband's cousin has become a genealogy addict and we've been sharing information, particularly on the Earl family of New York. The 1875 New York state census shows Juddson/Jedediah Byron and Emogene Earl (listed as Jedd B. & Emma Earle) living in Lyonsdale, Lewis County, NY as newlyweds.

If your ancestor had gotten married or died during the previous year, it is listed at the end of the census before the agricultural information. The next page shows Jedd B. Earle and Emma Yauger getting married on 3 May 1875 in Hawkinsville (a hamlet of Boonville); he had been previously married, but she had now. The were married by a Protestant Methodist (PM) clergyman.

Looking back at their census record, they lived next door to Jane Yauger and her children. Hoping this was a relative of Emogene's, I traced Jane back in the census and found that Jane is her mother (her father is Henry who died in 1873.) Excited to push this family back a generation, especially since both of these families have been researched by other genealogists. Now to collaborate their findings.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

SNGF: Your Zigzag Ancestor Line

It's Saturday night and time for another installment of Saturday Night Genealogy Fun.

Here is your assignment if you choose to play along (cue the Mission Impossible music, please!):

1)  What is your father's Zigzag Ancestor line (NOTE: I just made that up...}?  In other words, your father's mother's father's mother's etc. line back as far as you can go.

2)  Tell us in your own blog post (and drop a link here in a comment), or on Facebook with your response.

For my father's line:
1. Me
2. My dad
3. His mother
4. Her father, Albert Emil Nuwer (1906-1989)
5. His mother, Anna Marie Zaepfel (1874-1943)
6. Her father, Joseph Zaepfel (1839-1915)
7. His mother, Magdalena Matter (1804-1872)
8. Her father, Joseph Matter (1766-before 1834)
9. His mother, Marianna Herrmann (1738-about 1800)
10. Her father, Johann Jacob Herrman (1690-1767)
11. His mother is currently unknown

For my mother's line:
1. Me
2. My mom
3. Her father, Robert Alfred Casell (1930-1983)
4. His mother, Lillian L. Eichhorn (1908-1938)
5. Her father, William Fred Eichhorn (1874-1931)
6. His mother, Katherina Weiß (1849-1936)
7. Her father, Johann Georg Weiß (1809-1870)
8. His mother, Rosina Böhringer (1783-1852)
9. Her father, Johann Georg Böhringer (1744-1801)
10. His mother is currently unknown

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