Monday, June 24, 2019

GRIP 2019: Day 1

I arrived at LaRoche University in Pittsburg yesterday afternoon. I was lucky this year to ride down with 3 interesting ladies who talked about genealogy for much of the ride. After dinner and the welcome program, I relaxed and got to know my roommate. It's hard to believe it's my 6th year attending a GRIP course.

Today was day 1 of Using Legal Documents: Understanding and using Legal Documents for Genealogical Research with Judy Russell, LaBrenda Garrett-Nelson, and Rick Sayre.

Today we learned about civil litigation in the context of divorce records. It was fascinating to learn more about the legal process and how to find the statutes to learn more about documents created. My favorite part was discussing ethics in relation to the divorce cases. I've been reading a lot on ethics relating to DNA tests and it was a great reminder that you need to think about this for all record sets, even if the information is in public record.

I skipped the evening lecture that was on the Pennsylvania state archive and instead worked on my homework and hung out with friends. It's so great to be back at GRIP.

GRIP 2019: Days 2-5

The second day of GRIP  for me and the last day of kindergarten for my little man. How could I not use this photo for today's post? ...