Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday: Green Lawn Cemetery


IMG_0005 IMG_0006

Postmarked 21 Sept 1911

“Mr. John Bressler

Olive Hotel

Ironton, Ohio


Hello John how are you I am  feeling so bad over the way I done that I would rather be laying in this place than to be in town for I get Hell all time here”

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday: Cemetery Fail

Recently, we were in Owego, NY for an auction and decided to go look at the places my husband's family is from.  One of our stops was a cemetery on Perrine Road.  Except for the pine tree blocking the entrance...

{Shaking fists at Mother Nature} Hopefully it will be cleared out the next time we go...

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Happy Flag Day!

Flag(Source: http://www.sxc.hu/profile/linder6580)

Flag Day became an official holiday in 1949, after being celebrated since 1877 unofficially (http://www.chiff.com/home_life/holiday/flag-day.htm).  In my lifetime there has only been one US flag, with 50 stars for the 50 states.  How about in yours?  Or in your ancestors?

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Happy June Day!

When did it get to be June?  And why does only May get "May day"?  I proclaim today to be "June Day".  Happy June Day!

May was pretty great.  Finished grad school, got promoted at my job, and it finally got warm and stopped raining in Syracuse.  Now that I have settled into the work routine and fully staffed the place so that I can have some time off, it's time to get started on the rest of everything.

My June Goals:

How to Blog

  • Tried to do this during the school year and just couldn't find the time.  I am looking forward to completing it this time around.

  • Posts on Barbara Fleeman's probate packet.  It will show why probates are fantastic and why to look for them for men in your family, too.

  • Finish ProGen!  Working on my first proof argument, the final assignment!!!

  • Update at least 3 times per week, plus a tombstone Tuesday post.

  • Get caught up on my reading and post a couple book reviews.

Looks like a full schedule, especially if I can add some research time in there, plus everything else life has to offer...


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