Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mashups for History

Lauren Pressley, one of my favorite library blog writers, had a post on archive mashups.  As someone who went to library school to work with local history, genealogy and archives, I adored the link she gave, which is called Ghosts of World War IIs Past.  Go visit this link... do not pass go... do not read further... just go view the images.

I have learned that I enjoy working with Web 2.0 and I am excited to see ways to use it in an archival setting.  History will become much more interesting and understandable by using methods such as this.  Imagine have augmented reality, where you are taking a walking tour and are able to view images such as this on your smart phone as part of your tour?  Or if you are at a historical society and have photographs such as those shown in exhibits, making you see how you and where you live is a part of history?

Some other photographs of interest:

Do you have any other recommendations?  Please let me in the comments.  I look forward to using this technology in the future in an internship or job.


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  3. Very cool photos. I just wrote about your post on my blog.


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