Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Can You Document 10 Generations?

Randy Seaver at Genea-Musings has written a few posts on the documenting of 10 generations, with yourself as #1.  I have been following his and other blogs on this subject with much interest.  I have not been able to source 10 generations of my tree, yet, but I am probably closer than many genealogists and readers for one simple reason.  I was born relatively recently.

As such, I have two generations, mine and my parents, that others do not have.  To get back 10 generations means I am researching in the early to mid-1700's, not the early to mid-1600's.  My 8th great-grandparents, for example, were born in the late 1700's.  Even at each of their parents being 35 when my ancestor was born puts 2 more generations back at about 1725-1740.

I think many other young genealogists will be able to source a majority of 10 generations (I can on parts of my tree and with a few more years of searching, I will be able to get most if not all of them).  However, for us, 15 generations will be near to impossible, even if, like me, you get duplicate ancestors early on, such as in generation 4...

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  1. Amanda,I agree. I am able to go back 10 generations on my Trahan line because there were such good Catholic church records kept in Louisiana, Acadia, and France.


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