Probate File - Joseph Gresz

I received the will and probate file for my great-great-great grandfather, Joseph Gresz (Gress).  He died on 18 February 1899 after writing his will on 8 February 1899.  By the look of the signature he was quite sick.  I knew he died sometime before 1900, so with the death date I can now get a death certificate and hopefully find a tombstone.

He left a widow, Sophia and 5 children: Louisa, Carolyn, Jacob (my ancestor), John and Edward.  I now have married names for Louisa and Carrie.  The Edward was a surprise name, as he is mentioned as Eli on censuses, so I had assumed it was Elijah, but I need to look into this further.

He left $6000 in real property and $500 in personal property, which seems like quite a large amount to me in 1899.  Unfortunately, since the file is so old it does not break down what he owned.  All was left to his wife.


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