Sunday, January 10, 2010

SNGF - My Superpower

Dean Richardson posted What’s Your Genealogical Superpower? on his Genlighten Blog - Genealogy Documented blog last week, along with a nifty picture of a young lady with a big S on her shirt flying (is that Dean's wife?). I thought Dean's question was a great one for SNGF - so your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to...

1) Answer the question: Do you have a genealogical “superpower”? (i.e., a unique research ability or technique that helps you track down records or assemble conclusions that others can’t?) If so, what is it?

My superpower is luck.  I have always been a lucky person, which to me means working hard, paying attention to what occurs and taking the opportunities presented to me.  I hear about a new book at the library or an interesting website and I make sure I go check it out, which usually leads me to finding something useful.  Sometimes luck runs out, though, in which case I use my handy jedi-whip pictured above to get what I want;-)

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