Monday, January 25, 2010

The 11th Hour

When I was approximately ten years old, I created my first environmental awareness club.  I recruited my sister and two of my cousins and convinced my grandmother to sponsor a trip to the Discovery Store, where she bought us two books full of activities.  Ever since that time, I have been very environmentally conscious, going so far as to save all of my cans, bottles and papers at school to bring home when I went, as my college town did not recycle.  As such, I am very excited by the Sustainable Libraries class I am currently taking and look forward to learning about green building, LEED certification and creating sustainable processes and activities within a library.

Our goal this semester is to come up with our own definition of sustainability.  To help us with that, our first assignment was to watch the documentary The 11th Hour.  I highly recommend viewing this movie, particularly the last half hour, which gives both macro and micro things you can do to help.  They also have a Facebook group and webpage if you wish to get further involved.

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